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We accept reservations two months prior to the boarding date. Please provide the operator with the following information: Name of group representative, Address, Phone number, Names, Ages, and Genders for all passengers. Any requests for extra support that may be needed in the unlikely event of an emergency evacuation. Customers traveling with vehicles need to provide vehicle information and whether the voyage is one-way or return.

Phone numbers of Reservation Center

Open Hours 9:00~17:00(Except Sunday)

From Overseas

  • +81-(0)50-3535-1163


  • 050-3535-1163

From Reservation to Boarding



Please call the Reservation Center and provide the operator with the following information.

[ Required Information upon Reservation ]
(1) Name of group representative (2) Address (3) Phone number (4) Names of all passengers (5) Ages (6) Gender (7) If support is needed when emergency evacuation (8) Make of car (9) Car license number (10) Length of car (emission for motorbike)
* (8) (9) and(10) are required when you board with a vehicle (car or motorbike).


When reservation is completed, the operator will provide you a reservation number. This number will be required upon check in at the port. Please keep the number.


Please pay when you check-in before boarding.

* Cash or credit card is accepted.



Please present the reservation number to the staff at the check-in counter.


Please pay with cash or credit card. The following cards are accepted.


Please receive a boarding pass.

* Please check-in no later than one hour prior to the departure time.

STEP3: Boarding


Boarding is scheduled to start 90 minutes before the departure time.


Please follow the announcements and the instructions of the staff when boarding. The boarding gate is located on the 2nd floor of the terminal building.


Passengers with private room reservations, please go to the Information Desk onboard to pick up your room key.

Reservation Center

[ From Overseas ]
[ Domestic]

Open Hours
9:00 - 17:00(Except Sunday)

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