Ferry Cruise FAQ

About Fares and Payment

What are the fare rates?

・Adult : 13 years and older.
・Child : 6 years – 12 years old.
・Small child : 1 year - 5 years old. Free for 1 small child / adult (please share the bed).
  From the second small child the fare for child is applied.
・Infant : Under 12 months. Free.

Does the fare include meals at the restaurant?

No. The fare does not include meals. Separate charges apply when you eat at a restaurant.

Can I pay the fare with a credit card?

Yes, you can pay with the following credit cards at the check-in counter at the port.

* We do not accept debit cards.

Can I use credit cards at the on-board restaurant and shop?

No, you can't use the credit cards at the on-board.

Can I exchange money at the check-in counter or onboard? Can I use traveler's check?

No, we don’t exchange money either at the check-in counter or onboard. Traveler’s check are not accepted.

Do I tip onboard?

Tips are not expected.

Reservation Center

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Open Hours
9:00 - 17:00(Except Sunday)

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