Ferry Cruise FAQ

About On-Board Environment

Do you have English speaking staff onboard?

We have only Japanese speaking staff onboard.

What is the dress code onboard?

We do not have a dress code. Casual clothing is just fine.

Do you have English channels, magazines or books?

Only domestic broadcasting is available onboard. We don’t have English magazines or books.

Are there coin lockers?

Yes, each ferry is equipped with coin lockers for your baggage.

Can I take the grand bath at any time?

Yes, you can take the grand bath at any time, day and night, from the boarding to 30 minutes before coming into port. However, we may need to close the grand bath in case of rough passage. Passengers who are drunk, or have tattoos are not allowed in Grand bath. This is a Japanese style bath. Swimming suites are not permitted.

Do you have shampoo, conditioner, etc. in the grand bath?

Two-in-one shampoo and body soap are equipped in the grand bath. Please feel free to use the hair dryers provided in the changing room. Please bring your own towels.
* Towels are sold at the shop.

Can I use a cell phone?

Because the ferry sails off the coast, we are out of the cell phone companies’ service area most of the time. Assume that it will be difficult to get a signal even when traveling through an area where the signal does reach the ferry.

Can I make an international call onboard?

Each ferry is equipped with two maritime pay phones operating via satellite service on which you can make phone calls any time while at sea. International calls can be made as well. Payment for calls is by cash only. Credit card or a telephone card are not accepted.

Do you have an internet access onboard? Can I rent a computer onboard?

There is no internet access or rental computers.You can use the Wi-Fi service provided by SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. on each ship.

Do you have electrical outlets onboard?

Private cabins have electrical outlets for your use. Please refrain from using outlets in shared cabins to avoid inconveniencing other passengers. Please share the use of outlets in public areas such as the promenade. Taiheiyo Ferry is not responsible for any loss or damage to your devices from using our electrical outlets.
Voltage: 100V   Plug Type: A

What are the shows in the theater?

Taiheiyo Ferry presents show or concerts at the theater by various kinds of entertainers every night. Shows are free of charge. Please enjoy the onboard entertainment.Excluding Kitami

・Show Schedule
Nagoya→Sendai, Tomakomai→Sendai→Nagoya Every night at 8pm.
Sendai→Tomakomai Every night at 8:30pm

Should I prepare for seasickness?

Each ferry is equipped with a fin stabilizer designed to reduce the effects of waves much better than a regular ship. However, it is recommended that passengers who easily get travel sickness to take motion sickness medicine in case the ferry is effected by the hydrographic or weather condition. Over-the-counter motion sickness products for both adults and children are available at the shop onboard.
Ishikari and Kitakami`s shop doesn't sell motion sickness products.

Can I get onboard in a wheelchair?

All ferries are barrier-free ferries and are equipped with barrier-free facilities such as cabins, accessible shower rooms, etc. “

Can I smoke onboard?

There is no separate “Smoking” cabins.

Each ferry has smoking areas for smokers. Thank you for your cooperation.

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